Step 1: Request a Free at home Consultation

Installing solar is the right choice! Learn why the industry is growing at an incredible rate. Find out how you can stop paying the utility company and at the same time start building equity in your home. The solar industry is expected to quadruple next year. Your neighbors are going solar, so should you!

Once you have requested your free solar consultation, our design team will determine which areas of your roof are the best and most efficient locations for solar panels, what size system can fit on your roof area and how much energy you can expect to produce each year.

Our passionate staff then combines this information into a proposal that helps you make the smart choice to stop paying the utility company, continue investing in your home and start saving money. Call our office at (303)731-5198 or get in touch using our online free solar evaluation

Step 2: Decide what is right for your home

Once you have your Go Green Electric proposal, it is then time to decide how you are going to finance your installation. You can choose our Cash Up Front option or choose to finance or purchase your system over time. Our team will explain the process, the benefits, and allow you to choose the best payment option for you. We work with trusted solar loan companies to make the financing process easy. Go Green Electric is there every step of the way to answer any questions you may have. 

Step 3: Go Solar!

The next step is to get your system installed, inspected by local authorities, and connected to the utility grid so you can start turning sunlight into savings. Our in-house NABCEP Certified installers are passionate about the work they do, the industry they work in and the customer service they provide. We can have your system up and running in no time so that you can start powering your home on solar energy!