Choose Go Green Electric as your Denver Solar Installer.

  • Denver’s Solar Company

    Go Green Electric is the premiere solar installer for Denver, Colorado. We specialize in local solar systems based on Colorado’s specific weather patterns. Go Green Electric has been working on solar power projects in Denver for over 10 years. We are proud to be a part of Colorado’s focus on green energy and renewable energy. Our new Governor Jared Polis has the most ambitious renewable energy goal in the country. Colorado is on track to become 100% renewable energy based by 2040. Go Green Electric is focused on being a huge part of making Colorado the first state to complete this goal, and lead the nation in clean green energy. Calculate your potential solar savings today.

  • Colorado Based Customer Service

    Go Green Electric’s focus is on customer service. We will walk you through everything concerning your Denver residential or commercial solar energy system. This includes all things from the cost of installing solar panels, how solar panels work and to finding the perfect solar power system for your Denver home. Go Green Electric will be by your side from your initial Energy Audit, through your solar panel system installation, and any solar panel repairs. Our solar panels are guaranteed and have warranties from the solar panel distributors.

  • Denver Green Roof Initiative

    The city of Denver recently adopted the Green Roof Initiative which states that buildings over 25,000 sqft must dedicate a percentage of a building’s roof to green, vegetative space. Green roofs clean Denver’s air, reduce a buildings energy consumption, they are the best practice to manage storm water, they create biodiversity for bees birds and other insects, the list goes on and on. Go Green Electric can help you with your Denver Green Roof project this year. Call us today to discuss your upcoming green roof strategy.

  • Local Company
    Go Green Electric is a locally owned and operated solar installation company. We live, work and play in the Denver area and believe that supporting local business is very important. Colorado small businesses employ half of state's workforce according to the Denver Business Journal, and we are proud of our home grown success. We are located in downtown Denver, and are available to meet with you at our office or at your Denver home. If there is ever a problem with your system, our friendly crew is close by and can solve the problem.

  • Personal Design
    Our skilled solar system design team works with you to create the perfect solar layout for your home. We put together a proposal that tells you everything you need to know about your future solar system, including how many solar panels you need, where they should go and how much renewable energy your home can generate.

  • Easy Solar System Financing
    At Go Green Electric we offer two ways to pay for your solar energy system. Our cash option allows you to pay for your solar system upfront, while our financing option makes it easy to pay for your solar energy system over time. While some companies offer solar leasing, we believe that owning your solar energy system is in your best interest financially. Leasing a system takes away all of the solar incentives a homeowner qualifies for. Financing your system with Go Green Electric allows you to own your system from day one while taking advantage of the 30% federal tax credit. We work with trusted solar loan companies to find the best path for you.

Check out a few of our Denver Solar Installations below.