As a Colorado business owner, you can help protect our environment now and for future generations by producing your own clean solar energy. Solar energy helps decrease the amount of fossil fuels we utilize, thereby decreasing pollutants causing global warming. Solar energy is a plentiful and renewable energy source. Adding a solar power generating system to your business is a responsible decision that can make you feel good about benefiting the environment and future generations to come.

At Go Green Electric we are focused on green energy and the future of Colorado. We are experienced solar installers with many commercial and residential solar installation projects in our portfolio. Contact us today to answer any questions. We can help you assess the cost of solar panels, creating renewable electricity and solar system service.


The State of Colorado is focused on a huge solar initiative. The new Governor Jared Polis is planning on transitioning to 20% solar energy by 2020, and to be the first state to be 100% solar on by 2040. The solar power you generate is power you own and don’t have to pay your electrical utility for. Depending on the size of the system, solar panels can reduce or eliminate your power bills. This translates into lower operating costs that you can count on for decades yet to come.

If you own a commercial building, another factor to consider is the value of building itself. As energy costs rise, a building with a built-in renewable energy source will become increasingly sought after. In fact, when you add up the benefits from available tax credits and production incentives as well as increased building resale value, you could realize as much as 157% return on investment, according to power analyst Andrew Black. Additionally, the environmentally-friendly aspect of having a solar energy system on your building may actually draw environmentally-conscious businesses and customers to you, making it a potentially important marketing tool as well.

As demand for power rises and power generation resources are depleted, utility company rates will inevitably increase. Installing a solar power system now hedges against future rate increases by utilizing renewable energy to supplement your electric power needs. Your utility company will even thank you by paying you for every kilowatt of electricity you produce.