Seven Reasons for Switching to Solar

1 Save the Planet

Switching to Solar is not only the best financial choice, but it also creates a better environment for future generations. According to NPR the United States has the second largest annual carbon dioxide emissions in the world, only eclipsed by China. The average home solar panel system offsets about 100,000 lbs of carbon dioxide over 20 years. You can make the best choice for yourself and your children by switching to solar energy.

2 Switching to Solar is Easy

In the past there were lots of complications and roadblocks in switching your home or business to solar power. Now making the switch is so easy. Go Green Electric has a 3 step Solar Process that answers all your questions and alleviates any stress for you. We will walk you through solar financing, solar design and your solar savings. You can request a FREE QUOTE or give us a call today at (303)731-5198.

3 Be your own Energy Provider

It is common knowledge that our reliance on oil, coal and natural gas is polluting our planet and creating power monopolies from irresponsible sources. We can now break the cycle by switching to solar energy. The only natural resource that is not fleeting is power from the sun. We can take control away from huge power companies and international oil barons. Harnessing and storing solar energy allows you to be truly free. We can reduce the United States reliance on foreign sources of energy, and build our national economy in the mean time.

4 Reliability

Currently, solar panel manufacturers come with a 20 to 25 year warranty. Currently, the industry standard guarantees 80% performance after 25 years. Lucky for you, the real life of solar panels is much much longer. They will probably generate power over 40 years on your home or business. As solar technology continues to improve you will reap the benefits as a solar consumer.

5 Solar saves your from Utility company price fluctuation.

In Colorado, we have gotten used to extreme price fluctuation from our local power companies. By switching to solar panels you can take control of your own power right away. An added bonus is that we can calculate how much power will be produced, and what the cost will be for you over the next 25 years. You are taking control of you finances and your future.

6 Solar Incentives are better than ever.

In 2019 the Federal Solar Tax Credit states that your will receive 30% of total system costs back. This is the last year to receive the FULL 30%. This means you would save $9,000 on a solar system worth $30,000. Combine this with state and local rebates, Solar Renewable Energy Credits, and total costs can be cut in half. Take advantage of incentives while they last. You can check Colorado’s current solar incentives here.

7 Increase Your Business or Home Value

Purchasing a residence with solar panels automatically turns into lower electricity costs. Solar panels will increase a home`s attractiveness on the Colorado market, similarly to homes with low property taxes, homes in school districts and homes with good Home Energy Ratings. Not only are you saving monthly on your energy bills, but you are also increasing your home’s value right away.