Empowered: The Future of Home and Auto is Solar.

We have seen a major growth in solar power across the nation, and especially in Colorado. We currently have the most aggressive renewable energy plan in the nation headed by our Governor Jared Polis. The growth of solar panel systems for home and business has led to other sectors in the green energy marketplace flourishing including home battery storage and electric cars

Solar panels are only effective while the sun is shining, therefore finding ways to store your unused power is the next logical step in lessening your carbon footprint. We discussed the benefits of home battery systems in our previous blog, but they continue to grow. While, we enjoy over 300 days of sunshine in Colorado, we still have many cloudy days. Installing a home battery system allows you to continue to draw from your own solar power storage during times of low sunshine. Home battery systems have proven to be more reliable than power companies, and you are taking your power into your own hands. Imagine not frantically checking emails from your power company during major power outages, which are only “estimating” when power will be restored to your area. No more freezing nights, unwanted candlelight dinners or loss of control in your own residence or business. In addition to taking control of your own home and property, you will be doing so at an overall lower financial cost.

Another sector of the green energy marketplace that is expanding is electric vehicles. You may have noticed the increase in Teslas, Volts and hybrids in your own Colorado town. Customers are taking their money out of the hands of global oil barons and creating greener, safer, and more beautiful environments for generations to come. Electric vehicles come with many benefits including smaller carbon footprints, lower service costs and lower fuel costs. The cleanest most effective way to charge electric vehicles is off home grown solar energy stored safely in a home battery system. This gives you the freedom to take control of so many parts of your life that were previously controlled by the capitalist oil slugging machine. Choosing solar is taking control of parts of your life that you never thought possible. In Colorado we have a reputation for being on the forefront of environmental and social issues. We are so excited to be part of this new green movement in Colorado, and if you’re ready to join us give us a Call Today!