Home Batteries: Protect your family and your finances.

Home Batteries

If you are making the switch to solar power the next logical step is to consider a home battery. Being able to store that beautiful solar energy for future use takes you one step closer to being off the grid, and escaping from under the thumb of your energy provider. It also protects you and your family in black outs and from ridiculously high energy costs during peak usage hours.

Recent research indicates that 74% of people shopping for home solar power are also interested in home energy storage. And while fewer than 20% of people who buy solar end up with a battery to go along with it, there are signs that might be changing soon.

Home storage batteries are at their lowest price ever, and new incentives on the state and national level are making them even more affordable.The main benefits are avoiding peak electricity surges and protecting yourself from blackouts. 

If you’re already considering solar and you want to know about home energy storage and incentives, contact Go Green Electric today. If you’d like to learn more about home solar batteries and how they work, we will get into some of the basics. 

What kinds of batteries are available for homeowners?

When we talk about modern “home energy storage,” we’re talking about the range of newer technologies that are specifically designed to make home energy storage easy, smart, and relatively unobtrusive. 


When it comes to home batteries, these offer the most bang for your buck. The technology is tested and has already been used in smart phones, hybrid cars and much more. When it comes to home energy storage at Go Green Electric we recommend two different options:

Tesla Home Batteries

We are as excited about the Tesla battery as you! It promises to reinvent battery technology and therefore how we think about storing solar energy. Tesla also promises that it will be very cost effective. Go Green Electric will install Tesla Powerwall once it becomes available. In the meantime there are ways to prepare for a future installation.

SolarEdge StoreEdge Inverter

The StoreEdge inverter (manufactured by SolarEdge) is directly compatible with the Tesla battery and is something Go Green Electric is installing. If you are thinking about a Tesla battery system for the future, the StoreEdge is the perfect first step.

What are the benefits of Home Storage Batteries?

Lithium batteries are probably the best choice for your solar powered home. The benefits of home battery storage are great, especially when it comes to protecting your loved ones. First and foremost, home batteries can provide peace of mind, because they can protect you during a power outage.

Having the lights on at your home when your area is hit by a power outage has a value that can’t be expressed in terms of money, but is measured in the safety and peace of mind of your family. But there are other benefits of home energy storage that can be quantified.

Save money by taking advantage of time-of-use

The way you save money with a home battery is by avoiding the high cost of on-peak electricity under a time-of-use billing plan. On a time of use billing plan, electricity is cheap when most people aren’t using it, and more expensive when they are. The majority of Americans do laundry, cook and consume media during the afternoons and evenings leading the power companies to charge more during those times. Most time of use plans charge the highest prices during the afternoon and evening hours, when people are cooking, watching TV, and washing and drying their clothes. In Colorado TOU rates vary by season, so you can avoid the winter blues in your check book as well as in your home.

If you have questions about pricing, or want more information about home battery systems call us today at (303)731-5198 or contact us today.