Battery systems are a great way to insure that you have power for your home, even when the utility power is down. Go Green Electric can install a battery system that charges when the sun is out, and allows you to use your stored energy at night or if the utility power is down. 

image courtesy of  Tesla

image courtesy of Tesla

Tesla Home battery: 

We are as excited about the Tesla battery as you! It promises to reinvent battery technology and therefore how we think about storing solar energy. Tesla also promises that it will be very cost effective. Go Green Electric will install Tesla Powerwall once it becomes available. In the meantime there are ways to prepare for a future installation. Keep reading!

image courtesy of  SolarEdge

image courtesy of SolarEdge

SolarEdge Inverter:

The StoreEdge inverter (manufactured by SolarEdge) is directly compatible with the Tesla battery and is something Go Green Electric is installing. If you are thinking about a Tesla battery system for the future, the StoreEdge is the perfect first step.